About SGR
SØS Gunver Ryberg is a Danish composer and sound artist working in electronic music. She has a broad performance and production background: live music performances, multichannel recording, multi channel installation, multi channel live performances, exhibition works, commissioned productions, dance/performance art, video game music and sound design, studio work, releases, remixes, compositions for theatre, 3D audio walks, art films.

New release 28th of June on Avian_vinyl/digital

Entangled _ Avian release _artwork Sziliva Bolla

New release 22nd of March on Endless Process


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Latest Release on Noise Manifesto

SOLFALD EP Noise Manifesto 2018


“….It’s really easy to throw around descriptors and themes like spatiality, intensity and physicality when it comes to electronic music, but few embody those things and take them to their extremes like SØS Gunver Ryberg…..”

“….Most of the EP continues to explore the more soundtrack-y aspects of Ryberg’s craft. There’s “Dispersion”, which channels a space opera feel with a rotating cast of morphing synth pulses, orchestral gleams and some tumbling glitch for good measure. There’s also a pair of pieces from Eurydike, each a sprawling, overwhelming mass of sound in their own way. “Op ad dybet” and “Lazayak” are the two brawnier, beats-oriented tunes seething with Ryberg’s flavour of futurist industrialism. The former unleashes an unpredictable barrage of kicks out for the 50-hit combo to spin you sideways, whilst the latter wields distortion to devastating returns.”

“….SØS Gunver Ryberg’s reputation as the kind of artist whose music compels you to hire a soundsystem to listen to it there and then.”

Truants http://truantsblog.com/2018/sundays-best-pt-lix/#ixzz5KQ59tAxH

“Her talent for sound art is striking…”

“…Her pacing and skill at building suspense on SOLFALD makes your breath quicken, replicating the adrenalin that rises when something could be lurking around the corner in a game. The tension reaches a boiling point on “Op Ad Dybet,” where Ryberg shifts into full-throttle techno and the presence lurking in the shadows is more intense. Where Ryberg’s EP for Contort was focused on mighty percussive rhythms, SOLFALD is more varied, juxtaposing desolate experimental compositions with vigorous techno workouts.”

Resident Advisor  https://www.residentadvisor.net/reviews/22732

“……Denne vekselvirkning mellem energierne og strukturerne i de forskellige numre gør, at man som lytter spændt og opmærksomt holdes fast, idet man konstant bevæger sig mellem forskellige sinds- og kropstilstande. Med “SOLFALD” har SØS Gunver Ryberg skabt et kompromisløst og dragende værk, der manifesterer hende som en af de mest banebrydende og genretrodsende elektroniske komponister, vi har i Danmark.”

Passive Agressive http://passiveaggressive.dk/sos-gunver-ryberg-en-vekselvirkning-mellem-atmosfaeriske-kompositioner-og-skarptskydende-rytmer/

SØS Gunver Ryberg live Boiler Room Berlin